Some of the most powerful pictures ever taken.

  1. Grief: Robert Peraza kneels down in grief before his son’s name on the 9/11 Memorial.
  2. “Come Home, Daddy”: A little boy tries to help his alcoholic father stand up in Guangzhou, China
  3. Monster: Ariel Castro pleads to the judge during his sentencing. Castro was sentenced to life without parole for abducting three women and keeping them in solitary confinement in a case that sparked national outrage. Castro was considered, by all accounts, an upstanding citizen who regularly hosted barbecue parties in the backyard for his neighbors, even as the three women remained confined in a separate part of the house.
  4. Collapse: Bangladeshi volunteers and rescue workers try to help survivors after the collapse of the 8-story building, “Savar”, where garment workers made clothes for Western fashion brands. Over 300 people died in the collapse, prompting outrage across the nation and compelling fashion brands to demand better work conditions from their clothing suppliers.
  5. Hope Remains, Still: A missionary holds the hand of a little boy in Sudan
  6. Solitary Walker: A little boy walks to school through terraced rice paddy fields in China. This image is emblematic of the sweeping changes across the country. As China hurtles into modernity, scenes like this are becoming increasingly rare with the agriculture sector shrinking.
  7. “We Are Not Done Cleaning”: On May 20, an EF5 tornado ripped through the town of Moore, Oklahoma. This was just one sign left behind by a family whose home had been completely devastated by the tornado.
  8. A Soldier’s Despair: US soldier, Ken Kozakiewicz, cries in despair after learning that the body bag at his feet contains the body of his friend, Andy Alaniz. This photo won the World Press Photo award in 1991
  9. D-Day: Soldiers wade ashore the Normandy beach on D-Day during the Second World War. Years later, Steven Spielberg would recreate the dread, the horror, and the sheer madness of this maneuver in the iconic opening scene of Saving Private Ryan.
  10. Man’s Best Friend: A man hugs his dog after finding it stranded inside his home following a massive tornado in Alabama.

Drone selfies


For the past couple of months, Amit Gupta has been playing around with taking moving self-portraits with a camera mounted on a drone. Here’s an early effort. This past weekend, Amit’s efforts crossed over into the realm of art. This is beautiful:

In the comments at Vimeo, Alex Dao dubbed this type of photograph a “dronie”. We’ll see if that catches on.



When art meets engineering

The GIFs above show Metropolis II, a kinetic sculpture of the modern bustling city. The project — by artist Chris Burden — took nearly four years to create and features 1,100 cars zipping around 18 roadways, including one six-laner. “The noise and level of activity are both mesmerizing and anxiety provoking,” he explains.  

Burden has created a number of large-scale installations that walk the line between engineering and sculpture:

As an art-school graduate student at the University of California, Irvine, his friends were physics students who played around in the lab the way he experimented and daydreamed in his studio. “They’d say, ‘We follow our hunches, we freeze things to 300 degrees below zero and then we hit them with hammers,’ ” he recalled. “I thought, ‘Wow, that’s kind of what I do.’”

His retrospective show, Extreme Measures at The New Museum, is showing through January 12th, 2014.